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B&B as a boutiquehotel Algarve?

By Els on 21 May 2016 in Blog ENG

We are proud to let you see the results of our refurbishment last winter. The work is finished and the new photos are taken and published on our website. After the remodeling we have received nice compliments from several of our guests. They told us we could beter call us ’boutiquehotel Casal da Eira’ instead of ‘B&B Casal da Eira’.

We are pleased that our intent: to create an intimate, stylish and personal atmosphere in our B&B Algarve, has noticed! We find it important that our guests feel ‘at home’. We express this into a comfortable and charming way of decoration of our Bed and Breakfast Algarve and in our personal way of servicing our guests.

Back to our refurbishment period. Late February 2016 the work was finished. What happened in almost four months time? We have created a family suite consisting of two rooms each with its own access from the terrace. The two rooms are connected by a private hallway where the bathroom is located. It can accommodate up to five guests, ideal for a family or two couples traveling together.

Our studio apartment was totally stripped: a new roof, full insulation, a new kitchen, bathroom renovations, repainting and new furniture. Located apart from our big house, a nice place to celebrate your holidays with a lot of privacy.

Our other rooms are all repainted, refurbished and styled. We also have created a new 2p room on the poolside. There you have view on the pool in the secluded backgarden.

All work is done and we are happy with the result. We think we did a good job in refurbishment of our B&B Algarve. We are showing now our personal style and touch in everything. So we are glad guests give us the feedback our bed and breakfast looks like a boutiquehotel Algarve! Watch and judge for yourself on our website casaldaeira.nl.

By the way, many thanks to Peter Kain for the nice pictures!

May 2016

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