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Beyond the summer

By Els on 19 September 2015 in Blog ENG

Although it is in the Algarve still sunny and warm weather, you notice fall is near because of the longer and cooler nights. The first rain since May has fallen. But notice, some hours later the sun was shining again. The temperature is a pleasant mid 20’er. Our current guests are enjoying it!

We look back on a  beautiful summer season in our B&B Algarve. It was a relatively hot summer, with many very balmy evenings. Sometimes, especially when working, we urgenly longed for a little rain and clouds! But a dip in the pool or a gin and tonic on the terrace, also provided the welcome relief.

This summer again, we had guests from a lot of different nationalities in our B&B Algarve. We shared together with them a lot of wonderful stories and also made a lot of new friends.

Lovely memories we keep. For instance the memory of a Portuguese family, with whom we have watched shooting stars on a hilly spot. Or to the Spanish motor club who  rented out our whole house and played ‘volleyball’ with our dog Keira. Also the young Italian couple that was about to leave, but who lose their car key.  After hours of searching together with all the guests, they  concluded that they car key must be in the back of the car. But, unfortunaly the car was closed automatically! Luckily we had a room available.  The next day they took public transport to continue their journey. We admired them because they were so completly cool with the situation. A replacement car key was sent some time later from Lisbon.

Sometimes, we are very surprised what we find in the rooms, after the guests leaved. For instance we were very surprised we found a laundry bag in the middle of the room after departure of the guests. Or in the drawer of the bedside table:  passports, house keys and money. Or the shoes under the bed. Fortunately, in the more serious cases, we reached the owners quickly and they were able to turn back. But we still have a box with all kind of left-overs like glasses, earphones, charging connectors, a mouthpiece etc. The other side of this story is that a lot of keys wander in Europe from our bed and breakfast!

We made many new plans for improvement and maintenance of our B&B Algarve. We plan to implement this by the end of this year. More about that in our next blog.


September 2015

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