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In love with the beaches of the Algarve

By Els on 2 February 2017 in Blog ENG

Right from our first visit to Portugal we both fell in love with the endless beaches of the Algarve. Fantastic white sand, turquoise sea, waves and blue skies. Many times you will find us at the coast. In wintertime we can take Keira, our dog, with us. Keira is very fond of the beach. She loves to play with her disc over there. She runs after the disc, jumps to catch it and then dig a hole to hide it. The whole walk Keira keeps the disc in its mouth. Sometimes Keira goes to rest in the surf, and let loose of her disc. Oops, many discs already got lost in the sea, because Keira still does not dare to go into the waves to “save” the disc.

Recently you found us very often at the Algarve coast. With visits from our mother and friend Josje, we had a good reason to hit the road and show them several beautiful beaches of the Algarve.

A visit to Culatra with the boat, an island off the coast of Olhão, was definitely one of the highlights. After a walk through the village, we passed a wooden boardwalk and ended up with a completely deserted white beach. In the winter there are few people. In summer the island is frequently visited by tourists and then there are also more facilities. Because of the 5 km long beach, where you walk to the other end of the island, called Farol (lighthouse), it never gets really crowded.

Other beaches in the Algarve we visited were Ilha de Faro, Praia do Ancão, Praia Vale de Lobo and Quarteira. Praia Ilha de Faro is accessible by car through a narrow bridge. It is one of our favorite beaches in the Algarve, because you can make a beautiful walk around the island. Across the beach to the East Point and back across the boardwalk along the Ria Formosa side.

All the above beaches of the Algarve are a maximum of 25 minutes drive from our B&B Algarve. Anyway, there are lots of lots beaches not far from our Casal da Eira. Read more about beaches of the Algarve on our website under the heading activities Algarve.

We think we go for a stroll at the beach this afternoon………………..

Bert and Els

February 2017

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