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The Algarve and snow?

By Els on 29 January 2016 in Blog ENG

One of the reasons to start a B&B in the Algarve, is the sun, blue skies and mild climate. For us no more winters with slippery roads or ice in the canals. But… we still have ‘snow’! ‘Ah,’ you probably think, ‘is that possible with temperatures over 15 degrees C in the winters?’ Well, it is the white color of the almond blossom that make you think of a snowy landscape! In January / February hundreds of almond trees are blooming in the Algarve. When the wind blows away the blossom, it looks like it’s snowing!

About the blossoms nickname ‘snow’, a nice story is told.

A Norwegian princess married a Moorish king and went to live in the Algarve (at that time part of the Moorish empire). Although the princess was impressed by the beautiful scenery, she got homesick for Norway. She especially missed …… the snow. The princess cried a lot and was very sad. The king could not bear the grief of his love. He wished he had the power to make her wish come true… But how? He went abroad for getting ideas. Then one day, he walked by accident through an almond orchard. He looked up and …. eureka! He suddenly knew what he had to do! Back in the Algarve he instructed his Court to plant hundreds of almond trees throughout the region and in the palace gardens. Meanwhile the princess suffered a secluded life in her palace room. Until one day the prince rushed in, pulled the princess out of bed and took her to the window. Her heart flourished when she looked outside the window. What happened? All almond trees were in bloom, the landscape looked completely white. As if it just had snowed. Of course the king and princess happily lived ever after ….

A beautiful story, isn’t it? Bert and me also love the scenery with all the flowering almond trees. This year, an early flowering, everything colored already white by the blossom.

It is the perfect time to be on holiday in our B&B Algarve. Nature awakens, pleasant temperatures and beautiful green landscapes with many flowers. For the more active traveler a perfect time to go hiking and cycling. Look at casaldaeira.nl/en/specials/ about our hiking and cycling specials or email us.

January 2016

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